Tapered roller bearing characteristics, classification and use
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Tapered roller bearings defined
Tapered roller bearings can be separated from the inner ring with roller cage components together form and outer ring can
Tapered roller bearing installation
Roller and raceway contact at the contact line correction can reduce stress concentration. Tapered roller bearings can withstand high radial and axial load. Tapered roller bearings can only pass one-way axial load, therefore, to pass in the opposite direction of the axial load will need another with symmetrical installation of tapered roller bearings.
Tapered roller bearings is the largest amount of single row tapered roller bearings. In the car's front wheels in recent years to spend the small size of the double row tapered roller bearings. Four-row tapered roller bearings used in large-scale cold rolling mill and other heavy machines.
Tapered roller bearings classification
Single row tapered roller bearings have an outer ring, the inner ring and a set of tapered roller cover from the box-type cage into an inner component. Outer and inner components separated in accordance with ISO tapered roller bearings dimensions standards, tapered roller bearing outer or inner ring assembly of any of a standard model and the same model should be able to outer or inner components to achieve international exchange. That is the same model, except the outer portion size, tolerances must comply with ISO492 (GB307) provided, the inner components of the cone angle, cone diameter components must also comply with the relevant provisions of interchangeable.
Typically, single row tapered roller bearing outer ring raceway of the cone angle at 10 ° ~ 19 ° before, can withstand the combined effects of axial and radial loads. Cone angle the greater the axial load bearing capacity is also greater. Large cone angle of the bearing, post code plus B, cone angle between 25 ° ~ 29 °, it can withstand greater axial load. In addition, single row tapered roller bearing clearance can be resized during the installation process.
Double row tapered roller bearing outer ring (or inner) is a whole. Two inner (or outer) face similar small, middle spacer, clearance by the spacer thickness is adjusted, it can also be used to adjust the thickness of the spacer double row tapered roller bearings preloaded.
Tapered roller bearings use
Tapered roller bearings are mainly exposed to the radial diameter, axial load. Load bearing capacity depends on the outer ring raceway angle, angle the greater carrying capacity. This kind of bearing is a separate type bearings, according to the number of columns bearing rolling elements into single row, double row and four-row tapered roller bearings. Single row tapered roller bearing clearance to be adjusted during installation; double row and four-row tapered roller bearing clearance in the factory based on user requirements given, not to be user adjusted.
Tapered roller bearings have tapered inner and outer ring raceways, tapered roller arranged between the two. All conical surface projection lines in the bearing axis with a little together. This design makes tapered roller bearings particularly suitable for bear compound (radial and axial) loads. Most of axial load bearing capacity is determined by the contact angle α; α angle the greater the axial load capacity is higher. Angle size to calculate the coefficient of e said; e larger the value, the greater the contact angle, the bearing axial load greater applicability.
Tapered roller bearings are usually separated type, that is with roller and cage assembly of inner components of the cone with the conical outer ring (outer ring) installed separately.
Tapered roller bearings are widely used in automotive, mill, mining, metallurgy, plastics machinery and other industries.
Four-row tapered roller bearing installation method
Four-row tapered roller bearing installation (roller bearing):
First, the four-row tapered roller bearing inner ring and roll neck with generally band gap, the first bearing into the bearing box during installation, and then loaded journal bearing housing.
Two, four-row tapered roller bearing outer ring and bearing housing bore also use moving with, the first outer ring A load bearing box. Factory in the outer ring, the inner ring and the inner and outer spacer are printed with the word {HotTag} character symbols, character symbols must be the order of sequentially load bearing box during installation. Can not be arbitrarily interchangeable, in order to prevent changing the bearing clearance.
Third, after all the parts are loaded into the bearing housing, the inner ring and the inner cage, outer ring and the outer ring axially abutting spacer.
Fourth, the outer end face of the measurement gap width between the bearing cover plates to determine the thickness of the respective gasket.